Elevate Your Game with SEGA Power Pro Performance Cricket Shoes

In the dynamic world of cricket, every move counts. That’s why, as your go-to VRCricketGuy, I’m thrilled to introduce SEGA Power Pro Performance Cricket Shoes—your gateway to maximising natural motion and achieving unparalleled performance on the pitch.

Unleash the Power of Natural Motion:

SEGA Power Pro, Cricket Shoes BlueDesigned to be used with metal cricket spikes, the SEGA Power Pro comes with a tool that makes tightening, attaching, or removing them a breeze.

But what truly sets these shoes apart is their unique feature crafted to maximise natural motion.

Seamlessly blend virtual and real-world movements with a footwear experience like never before.


Heel Protection Reinvented:

The Power Pro doesn’t just stop at natural motion; it’s also equipped with enhanced mid-foot support to secure your heel in place. This professional heel support not only maintains the integrity of the shoes but ensures superior protection for your heel, allowing you to focus on your virtual cricket prowess.

Strategic Balance & SEGA Comfort:

To achieve the iconic SEGA SUPERIOR FIT, the Power Pro boasts enhanced cushioning that runs through the heel and tongue, providing an athletic feel that resonates with every step. The durable lightweight outsole, strategically embedded with spikes, delivers not just balance but also enhanced grip—essential for maintaining stability on the virtual field, be it during a bowling run-up or a powerful batting stance.

New for 2022: Unprecedented Responsiveness!

SEGA’s Premium cricket shoe for 2022 is a game-changer. Unprecedented responsiveness makes the Power Pro the perfect companion for all surfaces, ensuring you’re equipped with the latest in cricket shoe technology for your  cricketing adventures.

The SEGA Sports Story:

As a family business since day one, SEGA Sports brings over 30 years of global expertise to the virtual and real cricketing arenas. With an international team passionate about a variety of sports, SEGA specialists maintain high levels of product knowledge, offering an unrivaled bespoke customer experience. Established in the UK market in 2019, SEGA has a rich history of developing innovative shoes alongside professional athletes. Today, we share that know-how to help you raise your cricket game to new heights.

Step into Excellence: Order Your SEGA Power Pro Today!

Are you ready to elevate your cricket game? Step into the future of performance with SEGA Power Pro Performance Cricket Shoes. Unleash unprecedented responsiveness, secure your heel with professional support, and experience the iconic SEGA comfort that sets these shoes apart. Order your pair now and make every step a stride toward cricketing excellence!