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How to Fix the Meta Quest 3 Mic Recording Problem

I have finally been able to record my voice during gameplay recording on my Meta Quest 3. For weeks I have been battling with this problem. I am unable to hear my voice when I record Meta Quest gameplay.

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So how do we record our voice on the Quest 3 without being drowned out by the in game sound effects and music? First of all you need to reduce the in game noise levels to as low as you can, but so that you can still hear it. Then you need to turn your headset volume settings to the maximum.

I successfully recorded myself play EndSpace on the Meta Quest 3 and my voice was heard loud and clear. Although this has enabled me to finally create content using the Meta Quest 3, it still is not a real fix from Meta. I don’t think Meta will be resolving this problem as they have announce external mic support. You can now plug an external mic into the USB slot on the Quest. BUT this means you will not be able to plug an external battery into the Quest 3 at the same time.

So for now, I am happy to use this Meta Quest 3 audio recording problem work around, I’ve uploaded my first VR video to my VR Bald Guy TikTok channel using this method. Watch the EndSpace video to see and hear this method in action.

This work around also means that I will not have to splash out on an expensive external mic. So far, the only real advice from other VR content providers has been to buy an external mic and record my voice separately and then edit it together in post production.

Although this helps recording my voice, I will still be using the Meta Quest 2 to record my VR Cricket Guy videos. The problem trying the track the bat at all times is still an issue on the Quest 3.

The work around the Meta Quest 3 audio recoding problem was given by VR Tuber called Bamireng.

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