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Meta Quest v67 Update Movable Panels and Creator Content in Horizon Feed

Meta Quest v67

The Meta Quest v67 software update is set to roll out soon, introducing new features such as creator content to Horizon Feed and experimental support for moving and rearranging 2D apps in your virtual space. Additionally, it includes a Theater View for enhanced focus.

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As with previous updates, the v67 update will be released gradually. If you don’t see it on your headset right away, rest assured that it’s on its way. Here’s a detailed look at what’s new in this update.

Meta Quest v67

Rearrange Your Space

The v67 update introduces experimental support for customising your Home environment by moving and rearranging 2D apps. Moving beyond Meta Quest’s default three-panel groupings, users can now grab and reposition panels to create the most comfortable and optimal setup for their activities. Whether you’re watching a video on YouTube while folding laundry or listening to music while working, this feature aims to enhance your multitasking capabilities.

You can arrange up to three panels in a new “hinged” layout and place up to three additional panels wherever you prefer, creating an ultimate multitasking environment. For moments when you need extra focus, the Theater View button on any panel’s control bar can be clicked to expand its size, bring it front-and-center, and dim everything else. This feature is not just for watching movies; it’s also effective for typing up documents or browsing the internet, offering a powerful tool for concentration.

Creator Content in Horizon Feed

The update also brings content from your favorite creators to the Horizon Feed on Meta Quest and the Meta Quest mobile app. This makes it easier to catch up with the latest news, discover new apps, or find something entertaining to watch. Meta Quest has partnered with creators like A Wolf in VR, SteveKnows, m155yu, and more to provide a diverse range of content.

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In the Horizon Feed, you’ll be able to like and share content from these creators, making it a more social experience. Not only will this feature introduce you to new games and apps, but it also includes destination tagging, allowing you to jump into anything that piques your interest easily.

Like the other features in this update, the new content will roll out gradually. If you don’t see it immediately after installing v67 on your headset or Meta Quest mobile app, keep an eye out as it becomes available.

If you’re an active creator on other social networks and are interested in participating as a publisher, Meta Quest invites you to join the Meta Quest Community Discord to express your interest and get involved.


The Meta Quest v67 update is packed with exciting new features designed to enhance your virtual reality experience. From rearranging your Home space to easily accessing creator content, these updates aim to provide more flexibility, functionality, and fun. Stay tuned for the rollout and enjoy the new capabilities as they become available.

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