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Armoury Pads and GLoves

Sports has always played a key part within our lives, and this love and passion for sports culminated in the foundation of Cricket Armoury. Cricket Armoury is a company fixated on providing high-quality cricketing apparel, meeting the needs of cricketers of all levels.

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Armoury Pads and GLoves

However, unlike traditional cricket companies, Cricket Armoury has a keen focus on supporting the younger generations through sponsorship schemes, whilst also striving to provide lower prices for very high-quality products

Why choose Cricket Armoury?

Cricket Armoury BatsThe craftsmanship involved with Cricket armoury is ever focussed on ensuring that the quality of every product is up to our high standards.

Having played cricket throughout our lives, we have first hand experiences of “big-brand” equipment either not lasting or being up to scratch.

We ensure, through countless quality checks, that firstly the products we provide perform great but also ensure that the products will last and be a rightful partner in your cricketing journey.