Get 20% Discount from Fearnley Cricket via VR Cricket Guy

Cricket fans, prepare for a game-changing offer that is sure to improve your cricketing experience. Duncan Fearnley, a name known with quality cricket equipment, is offering a special 20% discount on their premium products. Yes, you heard that correctly – all you need is the unique discount code: VR20!

Fearnley Cricket

Why Duncan Fearnley?

Before we get into the specifics of the deal, let’s take a time to understand why Duncan Fearnley’s name is so well-known among cricket fans around the world. Duncan Fearnley has a long history of creating high-performance cricket gear. Duncan Fearnley’s devotion to excellence is unrelenting, from powerful bats to gloves with outstanding grip.

The VR20 Discount Code: Your Access to Savings!

To commemorate the marriage of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, VR Cricket Guy is providing an exceptional 20% discount on their entire collection. This is your golden opportunity to purchase cricket gear that is both a testament to greatness and a representation of your dedication to the sport.

How to Redeem Your VR20 Discount:

Redeeming your 20% discount with code VR20 is as simple as hitting a cricket ball out of the park. Take these simple steps:

1. Browse the Duncan Fearnley Collection.
Visit the Duncan Fearnley website and go through their large assortment of cricket gear. From bats to protective gear, the possibilities are as varied as your playing style.

2. Add to Cart: Select desired products and add to cart. Feel the excitement of building your cricket arsenal with gear that reflects your cricketing personality.

3. Checkout:
Once you’ve finished shopping, head to the checkout. Here, you’ll find an area to input your discount code.

4. Enter the code VR20.
Type the magic words: VR20. Watch as retail pricing change and your special 20% discount is applied.

5. Complete Your Purchase: This is the final step. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you’ve just purchased top cricket gear at an unbelievable price.


Why Select Duncan Fearnley?

1. Craftsmanship Beyond Compare:
Duncan Fearnley products are masterpieces, precisely manufactured to satisfy the greatest performance and durability criteria.

2. Heritage and Legacy:
With a rich cricketing heritage, Duncan Fearnley delivers a legacy of excellence that resonates with players of all levels.

3. Duncan Fearnley combines history and innovation to create cutting-edge cricket gear.

Don’t pass up the chance to own top-tier cricket gear at an amazing 20% discount. Use code VR20 to go on a cricketing experience where every stroke is propelled by quality and each game brings you closer to greatness.

Custom Made VR Cricket Bats

Many of you may of seen me playing iB Cricket using different VR cricket bats.  I have had the pleasure of being sent two custom made VR cricket bats from Brighton Harry, a bat maker for VR cricket.

Brighton Harry has kindly taken the time to write a blog post about his story and how he got into creating cricket bats for VR.  See ALL of his great VR cricket bats on his Ebay page.

This is Brighton Harry’s story…

“I played a lot of cricket during the 80s and 90s and was privileged to play with excellent players because my father was a professional cricketer.

One of my father’s friends, David, owned a repair business in his double garage, which we often frequently visited on a Saturday morning before the game.

VR Cricket Bats

Saturday mornings were always busy, and you would bump into someone you knew getting a new cricket grip or collecting a repaired bat before their Saturday game.

Many would go there just for the conversation and the company and to avoid having to go shopping with their wives.

I always remember seeing all the bats in different states of repair and the smell of willow & I used to love picking up the other bats, such as GN Scoops, SS Jumbos, and GN Powerspots, to name but a few belonging to professional cricketers. It was this that got me into the habit of collecting vintage bats.

Even though David retired from the bat repair business in the mid-90s, he continued to potter around in his workshop, and I used to visit him regularly to listen to stories and watch him work.

A couple of years ago, I bought a Meta Quest 2, found IB cricket, and immediately fell in love with the game. I did not realise how popular this game was and believe it is due to how realistic it is to the actual game.

If this was around in the 80s, imagine how many people would use it during the winter months whilst waiting for the indoor cricket nets once a week, where you’d get two or three overs on a very unrealistic wicket.

VR Cricket Guy with Duncan Fearlney VR Bat
VR Cricket Guy with Duncan Fearnley VR Bat

Platforms like VR Cricket Guy are bringing many of us together, getting us to discuss what improvements to this game are needed. Watching one of his YouTube videos made me think of making a heavier counterbalanced bat with a genuine rubber grip that would give you a more realistic experience that would transfer to the actual game.

When David passed away at 99 years old last year, his wife asked if I would help clear his workshop and take anything I wanted.

Along with all the bat repair tools, tapes, glues, etc. & many old bats that, although they were beyond repair, David kept them anyway over the years. Also, I found a filing cabinet full of old cricket stickers that David picked up over the years from manufacturers.

These bats would not have survive one more innings against the leather cricket ball, but I came up with the idea of using them in VR cricket, giving them a new lease of life.

Along with these bats and the ones I’ve collected over many years, I have almost every make and model from the 70s and 80s.”