VR Cricket in Now on Amazon

If you are still looking to purchase the VR Cricket setup as seen on the VR Cricket Guy YouTube, TikTok or Instagram videos, then this is great news for you.

The full vr cricket set up is now available on Amazon.  This makes the whole process of purchasing the Meta Quest 2 (or 3), the bat and the battery extension head strap, a whole lot easier.


I have now been able to create a social media influencer shop on Amazon to list the full virtual reality cricket set up on one convenient place.  Simply use this VR CRICKET GUY Amazon link and you will be directed straight to the one place where you can purchase all the equipment needed to transport yourself to the word of VR Cricket.

I am asked many times a day how to buy the VR cricket product.  So now it is so much easier for me to direct them straight to my Amazon page to make the whole purchasing experience so much easier.

I am still using the Meta Quest 2, but I have listed the Meta Quest 3, as iB Cricket will work on both VR headsets just the same.  Personally, if you are just going to be playing cricket on the headset, I would recommend saving some money and purchasing the Meta Quest 2 for now.  The game is no different on the Quest 2 than it is on the Quest 3.