The Complete VR Cricket Set Up

As my VR Cricket Guy social media accounts have grown I have been trying to deliver the best solution for my followers to be able to buy the complete VR Cricket Set Up.

VR Cricket Guy Shop
VR Cricket Guy Shop

So, I am delighted to announce that I have been accepted onto the Amazon Influencers program.  This means I have been able to set up a VR CRICKET GUY SHOP FRONT.  Here you will find all the useful links to buy all the equipment I use to play VR Cricket.

I believe that is the easiest and most practical way for you to be able to purchase the essential and other recommended VR cricket gaming equipment to make your experience to best it can be.

VR Cricket Guy items in the Shop

My Instagram and TikTok followers have already benefited from using the VR Cricket Guy Amazon shop front as a way to  purchase the gaming gear to enable them to start playing VR cricket games such as iB Cricket.

So if you are still looking to find out how to buy the complete VR cricket set up, I recommend that you visit the VR CRICKET GUY shop front and start your virtual reality cricket experience today.

If you need any other advise about what equipment you need then please feel free to email me and I’ll do my very best to help you out.

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