The iB Cricket Bat for Oculus Quest 2

I would highly recommend using the iB Cricket Bat when playing ib Cricket on the Oculus Quest 2 (Meta Quest 2).  It is light weight and the VR controller sits nicely in the holder.

iB Cricket Bat

If you are looking to buy the iB Cricket Bat then you need to go to the Official iB Cricket Bat store.  For a long time it was only available in India, but now they are shipping it internationally.

It also comes with a wrist strap so there is no need to worry about the bat flying out of your hand and smashing through your walls or windows.

I was very fortunate to be sent the iB Cricket Bat from @playibcricket and I really enjoy using it.

The bat is very east to set up once you have your hand controller attached to the bat itself.  Inside the iB Cricket menu system there is a great bat set up option that is simple to use.

Personally, I would recommend replacing the bat handle rubber with a new ‘real’ cricket bat rubber to give a little extra grip.

Also, I would advise to make use of the handle extension that is also shipped in the ib Cricket box.  I have really found it makes a big difference when playing iB Cricket.

Here is my YouTube video unboxing of the iB Cricket Bat.