VR Cricket Set Up

To play VR cricket that you may of seen my play on TikTok or Instagram, you will need some specific equipment.  VRCRICKETGUY MERCH NOW AVAILABLE

VR headset for iB Cricket

First of all, you will need to purchase the Meta Quest 2 VR headset.  This is the main thing you need to get started.

 ( for Indian residents click here )

The best and most reliable place to buy the VR headset from is the Official Amazon Meta Quest 2 page.

I found that I was able to buy the VR equipment very easily and without any problems at all.

The Meta Quest 2 comes with the headset, and two hand controllers.

Once you have successfully bought and received the headset, you will need to DOWNLOAD iB Cricket.

The download comes from the Meta Store so it is very simple and secure to use.  You can even download it to your mobile phone via the Meta Store app and it will then synchronise it to your VR headset.

Not only will you be able to use the Meta Quest 2 to play the awesome iB Cricket game, but you will also be able to play hundreds of other games in the VR world.

Vr is going to be a huge entertainment business in the very near future, this is just the beginning of what will be possible.