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Meta Horizon Worlds V166 Release Notes: What’s New and Improved

Meta Horizon Worlds V166 is here, and it’s packed with exciting updates aimed at enhancing your virtual experience. This release focuses on quality of life improvements, providing more detailed information on world pages, introducing new meetup invite links, and expanding world access to mobile and web platforms. Read on to discover the latest features and fixes in Horizon Worlds V166.

Quality of Life Improvements

General Enhancements

World Detail Page Improvements
Meta is experimenting with enhancing the world detail pages to provide users with comprehensive information before they decide to visit a world. The detail pages will now include:

  • World description
  • Number of likes
  • Genre
  • Number of current users
  • Creator information
  • And more!

This additional information aims to help users make informed decisions and find worlds that match their interests more effectively.

New Meetup Invite Links
The new meetup invite links feature is designed to make it easier for you and your friends to gather in specific worlds, whether in VR or on mobile. Here’s how it works:

  • In VR: Travel to a world, open its detail page, and click “Invite.” If you’re part of the test group, you’ll see an option to “Create a meetup.” Share this link with your friends or community.
  • From Mobile: Search for the world, open its detail page, and click the “Invite” icon. Select “Create a meetup” from the dropdown menu and share the link.
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Once created, these meetup links remain active for 30 days, allowing seamless access to private instances of the world for those with the link. The creator of the meetup link doesn’t need to be present for others to join.

Creators’ Updates

Worlds on Web and Mobile
Starting June 26, 2024, all worlds will be available on web and mobile by default, broadening access regardless of the device used. However, this expansion excludes members-only worlds and worlds with In-World Purchases.

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To support world builders, Meta is offering code-blocks and detailed documentation in the Help Center. Creators who prefer to control when their worlds go live on web and mobile can toggle this option on or off anytime via the “Publish World” tab in the VR editor.

Highlighted Bug Fixes

Meta has addressed several issues in this release to improve user experience:

General Fixes

  • Resolved the misalignment issue when selecting 10 photos to share, ensuring the photo panel displays correctly.

Known Issues

While many enhancements have been made, some known issues are still being investigated:

General Issues

  • Comfort settings are not being correctly set when reloading into the app.
  • Audio is lost when recording in Worlds from a Meta Quest Pro headset.

Meta Horizon Worlds V166 is a significant step forward in improving user experience and expanding accessibility. With detailed world information, new meetup links, and extended availability on web and mobile, users and creators alike have much to look forward to. Keep exploring and stay tuned for more updates!

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