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Review of Miracle Pool on the Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3 Miracle Pool

This was one of the first experiences of mixed reality that I have had on my Meta Quest 3. I was totally blown away by Miracle Pool. It’s is everything I was hoping for in a pool table simulator in virtual reality.

Miracle Pool on the Meta Quest 3 VR headset.

Being able to simply place a great looking pool table in any room in my house is just what VR mixed reality gaming was intended for in my opinion. It really does recreate everything I enjoy about playing pool. [ DOWNLOAD MIRACLE POOL ]

Stunning Realistic Graphics

The graphics are awesome. The lighting and rendering took my breath away. Put that together with Meta Quest 3’s impressive colour pass-though, and it all adds up to an awesome combination of augmented reality perfection. I actually found myself walking around the table and not wanting to walk into it. The chrome effects and reflective lighting work to really put you in the action.

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Audio Could Be Better

OK, if I was to be totally honest, the sound effects could be better. The sound of the balls hitting each other is great, but the sound of the balls rebounding off the cushions does sound a little dead. I’m hoping that there will be an option to play your own music whilst playing Miracle Pool.

Plenty of Gameplay Options

If you a pool player then you will want to play all the variations. Within Miracle Pool, there are 8-ball, 9-ball, and 10 ball pool options. For me personally, I was really happy to see that they also included a snooker option too. It’s only 6 reds snooker and it’s still on a pool sized table. I’m hoping that there is room to included a full scale snooker option one day.

VR Pool online.

Even though there is an online multiplayer option, I was unable to find anybody to play against. I found myself waiting a very long time and then giving up waiting for a match. The good thing is that you are able to practice while you wait for an online match. I’m hoping that once more and more people become aware of Miracle Pool, there will be more people wanting to play online.

….and finally.

If you have been waiting or a genuine pool table experience to play using your Meta Quest 3, then I am happy to say that the wait is over. I have a feeling that I will be playing Miracle Pool for many many hours in the near future.

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