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Vigilantes Come to Among Us VR in new DUM Justice

For far too long, Impostors have been running rampant in Among Us VR, stealthily emerging from vents, knives at the ready, and relying on internal chaos and grudges to stay hidden. But now, with DUM Justice, the latest Limited Time Event, the tables are turning. Impostors, beware—your reign of terror is about to meet its match.

DUM Justice Event: A New Dawn for Crewmates

Introducing the Vigilante role, a game-changing addition to Among Us VR. When you see the Bean Signal light up, know that a new hero is on the scene. Vigilantes are armed with twin fists of righteousness, ready to dispense justice and take down anyone in the game. But will they make the right call?

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They could target an Impostor or mistakenly eliminate a fellow Crewmate, such as an Engineer emerging from a vent. The complexity of these decisions brings a fresh layer of strategy to the game, especially since roles are hidden during the Ejection phase. Crewmates may never know if they’ve ousted an Impostor or their own savior.

Glove Up for the Occasion

Bean fashion is getting a significant upgrade just in time for the DUM Justice event. Say hello to the new Glove Pack: Catch Deez Hands, now available in the Meta Quest Store. This pack includes three new hand cosmetics, adding a new dimension to your customization options. And for those wanting a complete look, the Limited Time Pack: DUM Duo offers the Vigilante Hood and Gloves set, perfect for those looking to embody justice in style.

Enhanced Security Measures

Crewmates have also been busy improving their defenses. The Skeld II now boasts operational Security Cams, giving you access to live feeds across the ship. This high-risk, high-reward feature might help you catch an Impostor in the act or make you their next target. Use it wisely!

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Special Promotion

Among Us VR is open to players aged 10 and up, and for a limited time, you can get 40% off the base game in the Meta Quest Store using the promo code “DUMCode40-8686E7.” This offer is valid until July 31, 2024.

Time to Clean Up the Streets

With these new tools and roles, it’s time to emerge from the Beancave and bring order to the chaos. Among Us VR has never been more thrilling—join the fight and ensure justice prevails!

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