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Taskmaster VR – Now Available on the Meta Store

Taskmaster VR: The Ultimate Escape Room Challenge Awaits on Meta Quest!

Are you a master of escape rooms? Can you keep your cool under pressure? Ever watch reality shows or game shows and think you could outdo the contestants? Your moment has arrived! Taskmaster VR launches today on Meta Quest, offering you the chance to prove your skills. [ DOWNLOAD |

Step into the Taskmaster VR World

Brought to you by Scallywag Arcade, a Draw & Code studio, Taskmaster VR transports players directly into the mind-bending world of the popular TV show. Face the Taskmaster and his assistant head-on in a series of challenging puzzle scenarios designed to test your critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The show has aired over 150 episodes and remains as captivating as ever.

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Exclusive Insight with Alex Horne

To delve deeper into Taskmaster VR, we caught up with Alex Horne, the creator of the show and the Taskmaster’s assistant.

Elevator Pitch for Taskmaster

Alex Horne: “Taskmaster is a comedy show where five comedians perform seemingly mundane tasks to impress a giant comedian, who we call the Taskmaster. I create the tasks, and the comedians tackle them in isolation, often leading to hilarious or ingenious results. There’s no script, just pure improvisation and competition.”

The Logic Behind Comedians

AH: “Comedians are naturals at improvisation, making even the simplest tasks entertaining. Each series features five different comedians who bring their unique approaches to the tasks. We tell them not to try to be funny—they naturally are. It’s about authenticity and diverse problem-solving.”

Transitioning to VR

Adapting Taskmaster to VR is an exciting leap. According to Alex, VR is the perfect medium for this show. The interactive nature of VR allows players to engage hands-on with the tasks, much like the show’s contestants.

VR Gameplay Experience

In Taskmaster VR, you’ll read the tasks for the first time, start the clock, explore the house, open doors, and manipulate objects to solve puzzles. Unlike the TV show, VR tasks are quantifiable—measured by speed, height, and other tangible metrics. This approach keeps the game competitive and challenging.

Favorite VR Activities

AH: “I love escape rooms and layered multitasks. In Taskmaster VR, tasks can be complex and lengthy, involving multiple steps. For example, finding and feeding a dog in a locked garage requires problem-solving and exploration. Players can find their unique solutions—there’s no single way to solve a task.”

Alex Horne’s VR Experience

Though not an avid gamer, Alex found VR to be a valuable escape during lockdown. He enjoys games like Beat Saber and GOLF+, and appreciates the immersive experience VR offers. Taskmaster VR aims to recreate this sense of wonder and engagement.

Unique VR Advantages

Taskmaster VR offers freedom and creativity not possible in the TV show. You can explore rooms unrestricted by camera crews, weather conditions, or logistical constraints. The virtual world allows for playful interactions, like throwing virtual watermelons, without real-life consequences.

Try Taskmaster VR Now

If you think you have what it takes to excel under pressure and think outside the box, Taskmaster VR is available now on the Meta Quest platform. Download it today and put your skills to the ultimate test!

Discover the world of Taskmaster VR and immerse yourself in the challenges and hilarity that have captivated audiences worldwide. Are you ready to become the ultimate Taskmaster?

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