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Dead Second VR The Ultimate Cover-Based Arcade Shooter Arrives on Meta Quest

One of the best and most natural game genres to adapt for VR has always been the cover-based arcade shooter. Today, Dead Second VR from Spunge Games, an App Lab standout title on the Meta Quest platform, is officially launching on the main store. This exciting release promises to scratch that arcade shooter itch with an array of levels, diverse enemy types, and engaging power-ups.

Dead Second VR The Ultimate Cover-Based Arcade Shooter Arrives on Meta Quest

A Classic Arcade Experience Reimagined for VR

Standing at an arcade cabinet while you blast away enemies, dip in and out of cover to avoid fire, and wield a plastic gun pointed at the screen is an iconic gaming experience for many modern gamers. With the immersive power of VR, that classic game loop is taken to a whole new level. Instead of merely standing in front of a screen, you’re now inside the experience itself, physically ducking in and out of cover to find the best angle and position to take down your foes.

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What’s New in the Meta Quest Store Launch?

If you’ve already played the App Lab version of Dead Second VR, you’re in for a treat—the Meta Quest store launch includes a significant, game-changing update. Here’s what’s new:

  • Revamped Levels: Eight levels have been revitalized with new details and enhanced lighting.
  • New Enemies: Fresh adversaries to challenge your skills.
  • Rebalanced Difficulty: Improved difficulty levels for a more engaging experience.
  • Visual Enhancements for Meta Quest 3: Enjoy real-time shadows, bloom post-effects, and other visual upgrades.
  • New Power-Up: The Temporal OverDrive lets you slow down time, adding a strategic layer to the gameplay.
  • Achievements and Leaderboards: Track your progress and compete with friends.
  • New Soundtrack: Immerse yourself with an all-new, adrenaline-pumping soundtrack.
  • Optimizations and Bug Fixes: Smoother gameplay and fewer interruptions.

Future Updates to Keep You Engaged

The excitement doesn’t end with the current launch. Later this year, Dead Second VR is scheduled to receive an update introducing two-handed weapons, improved AI for NPCs, and more levels. Beyond that, another update is planned to bring even more levels, new enemies, and hand-to-hand combat mechanics. This game has seen constant evolution during its time on App Lab and is now hitting the main Meta Quest store in its best shape yet, with even more content and updates planned for the coming months.

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Join the Action Today

Dead Second VR is available starting today on the Meta Quest platform for $14.99. Don’t miss out on this immersive, action-packed experience that redefines the arcade shooter genre. Keep up with the game and its developer on the official website, join the community on Discord, or follow them on Instagram and X for the latest updates and announcements.

Dive into Dead Second VR today and experience the next level of VR gaming!

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