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Hide and Seek from Trass Games Launch Date

Yeeps Hide and Seek

Yeeps: Hide and Seek from Trass Games just debuted on App Lab earlier this year and is already one of the most popular and fastest-growing free social VR games out there, quickly accumulating over 21,000 user reviews. Now, we’re excited to announce that Yeeps will make the transition to the main Meta Quest store very soon on July 18th, 2024.

A Unique Twist on a Classic Game

If you haven’t tried it yet for yourself, Yeeps is a really wacky and fun take on hide and seek everyone should check out. In this game, you move around the world with your hands and arms, climbing and swinging around every surface. But that’s not all—you’ve got a tremendous tool at your disposal: the ability to build!

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Meet the Yeep

You play as a creature called a Yeep, whose belly is filled with stuffing like a children’s toy. This stuffing isn’t just for show; it’s your main resource for crafting. You can create items like pillows to make bridges and forts as you flee or even stuffing-filled bombs for destruction. The intuitive block-based building makes it simple to pick up and play at any skill level, so you can let your creativity run wild.

Endless Fun and Creativity

Yeeps: Hide and Seek from Trass Games has a ton of reasons to keep you coming back for more. The more you play, the more you unlock items to craft during games, such as umbrellas to glide through the sky or decoys to trick the seekers when you’re hiding. This keeps the game fresh and exciting, ensuring that every session brings something new.

Creative Mode

The block-based building isn’t just for pillows. Enter creative mode to unleash your creativity and build entire worlds from the ground up, solo, or with friends. Throw down terrain blocks to shape the landscape, then build on top of that foundation using wood blocks and dozens of decorations. Finally, spice it up with trampolines, launch pads, spike traps, and even giant fans!

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Join the Fun

Yeeps: Hide and Seek is currently available on App Lab and is coming to the official Meta Quest store on July 18th. Whether you’re dodging seekers or building epic forts, this game offers a unique blend of action and creativity that’s perfect for VR enthusiasts of all ages.


Strap on your headset and dive into the whimsical world of Yeeps: Hide and Seek from Trass Games. With its innovative gameplay, endless creative possibilities, and a community of enthusiastic players, it’s no wonder this game is quickly becoming a favorite in the VR space. Don’t miss out on the fun—get ready to yeep yourself into an unforgettable adventure on July 18th, 2024, when it launches on the Meta Quest store!

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