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How to Buy VR Cricket

How to buy VR cricket

This is your simple guide about how to buy the VR cricket set that you may have seen VR Cricket Guy using on social media. Simply follow these steps and you can soon be playing VR cricket.

The VR HeadSet

The most important part of equipment is the VR head set. There are two VR headsets to choose from, but in MY OPINION the game is no different on either. If you intend to just play VR cricket in VR then I would still recommend the Meta Quest 2. BUT if you are interested in playing up to date VR games then the Meta Quest 3 is the way to go.

The VR Bats

In true honesty, you are able to play VR cricket without using a VR bat. However, I would say that the game is 100 times more immersive and realistic when holding a VR bat. For me personally, I cannot get two hands around one controller. A VR bat, in my opinion, is optional, but a MUST have.

I would always recommend The Official iB Cricket bat, but I understand that it is expensive and hard to get hold of. For that reason, I am very happy to suggest the MINT3D bat. Use the promo code VRCGUY for 10% off the price. Depending on which VR headset you buy, will depend on which bat to buy. There are different bats for the Meta Quest 2 and the Meta Quest 3.

Download iB Cricket.

Once you have purchased and received your VR headset, you will need to download iB Cricket. This is the VR cricket game that I play in my VR cricket social media videos. It is far and away the best VR cricket game currently on the market. To download iB Cricket, you just need to search “iB Cricket” on the MetaStore and download it to your headset. It is very simple and straight forward.

Other VR Accessories

I also use the Kiwi Designs external battery head strap. I have found that the standard Meta Quest battery usually lasts for approximately 90 minutes. This will allow you to play approximately 50 overs of VR cricket. But using the external battery head strap will give you an additional 3-5 hours of playing time. So I am very happy to recommend buying the Kiwi Designs head strap if you want to play longer. It also provides additional comfort and audio quality.

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