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Introducing the Official IB Cricket VR Cricket Bat: Take Your Game to the Next Level!

Imagine stepping onto the field, feeling the grass beneath your feet, and hearing the roar of the crowd as you take your position. With the iB Cricket VR Cricket Bat, you can transport yourself to the middle of a packed stadium, ready to face the fastest VR bowlers in the world.

Yes, the iB Cricket bat is very hard to get hold of and can be on the pricey side, BUT in my opinion is is worth the hassle. I have been using the iB Cricket bat for about 18 months and it is a real delight to use. Easy to set up and very easy on the eye.

Currently I only know of two ways to purchase the Official iB Cricket bat. The first i to buy it directly from iB Cricket themselves. Now, the problem is that it has to be shipped from India using a virtual address. I have had mixed reviews about this process. Some people have told me that is straight forward, whilst other say it is a pin in the ass to go through.

However, there is a second way. Some bright spark has figured out a way to import the iB Cricket bat and then resell them on Amazon. I think whoever came up with this idea is a genius and is probably making a lot of money. The slight problem is the price. To buy the iB Cricket bat from Amazon means that you will be paying for the import fees as well and the bat.

Whenever I am asked where I got my iB Cricket bat from, I have to be honest and say that I was fortunate enough to have it sent to me from the makers of iB Cricket. They could see how much traffic I was sending them via my Vr Cricket Guy social media videos, so they sent me the bat as a token of a good will gesture.

To play iB Cricket you will need to have either the Meta Quest 2 or the Meta Quest 3 and download the game to your chosen device.

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199.00 GBP
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