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Meta Horizon Worlds V167 Enhancements and Tools

Meta Horizon Worlds V167 has arrived, bringing a suite of quality of life improvements and new features for creators. This update includes enhancements to the Pause feature for both desktop and mobile users, the introduction of Variable Groups, and more options for customising world environments.

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Quality of Life Improvements


Improved Pause Feature: The Pause feature in Worlds for desktop and mobile devices has been upgraded to mimic the in-headset experience. Users can now pause and take a break from their surroundings, just like in VR. From the Pause menu, you can access safety tools to mute, block, and report content or individuals. To use the Pause feature:

  • On desktop: Press the Escape (ESC) key.
  • On mobile: Tap the pause button in the top-left corner of your screen.

Update to Safety Observations: Trained safety specialists will no longer conduct real-time observations in Worlds. Instead, an improved automated user toolkit will empower users to control their experience and foster a respectful community. Safety specialists will continue to review reports and take appropriate action.

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Over the past three years, we’ve developed safety tools that offer more transparency and automation, including:

  • Mute Assist: Automatically mutes users who repeatedly use profanity, slurs, or create loud disturbances.
  • Volume Reminder: Notifies users when they are being muted by others.
  • Poll to Remove: Allows users to exit potentially disruptive situations if a poll fails.

Meta’s moderation capabilities remain a core element of our trust and safety approach, with ongoing efforts to enhance the user experience. Community guides will continue to provide real-time support in select worlds.


Introducing Variable Groups: We are excited to launch Variable Groups for all world creators. This feature allows creators to create and store sets of persistent variables that can be shared across their worlds, enabling functionalities such as unlockables that persist across different worlds.

Please note that Variable Groups will replace the current persistent variable workflow. We have created a Variable Group for each existing creator world using persistent variables, migrating the variables into these new groups. Existing content should continue to function without any action needed from creators.

The Variable Groups created will be named “<world name> Variable Group,” with potentially truncated world names. Creators can find their Variable Groups under the “Added to world” tab for Variable Groups in the Systems tab of creator tools while editing their world.

For more information on Variable Groups, please visit [here].

Enhanced Environment Controls: Up to four decimal points can now be entered for fog density within the Environment gizmo, allowing for more precise fog settings.

Stay tuned for more updates and happy creating in Meta Horizon Worlds!

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