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How To Get Started Playing VR Cricket

If you have seen VR Cricket Guy on TikTok or Instagram, then you are probably wondering what you need to play VR cricket the same way. The Vr gaming community is rapidly growing and finally, VR gaming is actually worth getting involved with.

Cricket in VR is a fabulous way to showcase the capabilities of virtual reality gaming so far. The VR cricket game that VR Cricket Guy plays is called iB Cricket. To play iB Cricket you will need the following pieces of equipment :

Meta Quest 2 or 3

This is the headset required to get started in VR cricket. The Meta Quest 2 or formally Oculus Quest 2 is a stand alone VR headset that require no P.C or any other equipment to use. It is a fully wireless and independent piece of VR kit that is now more affordable than ever.

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199.00 GBP
Is prime

The Meta Quest 3 is now also available. iB cricket will also run on the Meta Quest 3 but there is no difference in gameplay or features. For that reason, I always recommend spending your money on the Meta Quest 2 rather than the Meta Quest 3. But with that being said, there are more and more new games being released that may suit the Quest 3. If you are looking to just play VR Cricket, then I would happily recommend buy the Meta Quest 3 for now.

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455.93 GBP
Is prime

A VR Cricket Bat

Technically you do not need a VR cricket bat to play iB Cricket. BUT, let me tell you that having a cricket bat handle in your hands makes playing VR Cricket a whole much more immersive. Without a VR cricket bat of some kind, you can realistically only use one controller, which is basally playing cricket with one hand. As soon as you have a real feeling of a bat in your and, you will feel the difference in gameplay immediately.

At the moment there are only two type of VR cricket bats that I will recommend. The Official iB Cricket bat or the Mint3D VR bat. Both of these bats have their pros and cons, but as a vr cricket player for nearly two years, I can honestly say you will not regret purchasing either one of those options.

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